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Empowering Innovators #10

On this special episode featuring Startupbootcamp's Co-Founder Ruud Hendriks, we discover more about Adyen, the European payment company behind Ebay's and Facebook's transactions, and also more about its co-founder and CEO, Pieter van der Does.

Empowering Innovators #9

Discover how one of the biggest dairy companies in the world, FrieslandCampina, tackles innovation, horizons, and intrapreneurship with their unique "Milkubator" innovation program in this interview featuring Aniruddha Kusurkar, Global Commercial Director.

Empowering Innovators #8

Innovation and CPG: Eric van der Hoeven for Empowering Innovators. In this episode Eric explains growth through engagement, consumer trends and the future of CPG from his experience working previously on Danone.

Empowering Innovators #7

Today, we talk to Avishai Trabelsi, CEO of Quicargo, on how they are solving this problem - from founding the company, learning from mistakes, being accelerated by Startupbootcamp and on building the right team for your startup.

Empowering Innovators #6

MediaMarktSaturn & Innovation - Martin Wild & Patrick de Zeeuw on Empowering Innovators // Martin Wild talks about his time as an entrepreneur and MediaMarktSaturn’s innovation projects, culture and how the retail giant is adapting to the latest technological trends in this new episode of Empowering Innovators.

Empowering Innovators #5

Diversity & Serial Entrepreneurship: Empowering Innovators with Janneke Niessen & Patrick de Zeeuw // Janneke Niessen, serial entrepreneur and investor, talks about scaling with complementary skills and using individual strengths to build better teams, women in tech, empowerment, angel investment, and mentorship.

FinTech & CyberSecurity Special #3

When we talk about open innovation or open banking, what is the importance of ecosystem building and having it really work? In this podcast, Elizabeth Kleinveld (Partner Success Manager at Startupbootcamp) chats with 3 active ecosystem builders in the FinTech sphere: Don Ginsel (Founder, Holland FinTech), Marco Scappa (Head of Fabrick Corporate Fintech) and Alessandro Longoni (Head of FinTech District). Find out more about their experiences building up collaborative and connected communities, how the ‘game’ has changed, and why nurturing such ecosystems are an integral part of the FinTech industry.

Empowering Innovators #4

Innovation and PwC: Ilja Linnemeijer & Patrick de Zeeuw on Empowering Innovators // As the world gets more complex and digitised, how can large organisations transform themselves to meet the challenges of the new digital age? Drawing from his experiences as Chief Digital Officer at PWC, Ilja Linnemeijer, speaks with Patrick De Zeeuw about the organisation's innovation journey over the last few years.

FinTech & CyberSecurity Special #2

What are the biggest cybersecurity threats to watch out for in 2019? This episode of the FinTech & CyberSecurity podcast special, deep dives into issues around cybersecurity - what can governments and companies do to protect themselves from cyber attacks? We discuss the 2017 Equifax incident as an example and also explore why assessing the risks of third-party suppliers has become such a hot topic in recent times. Elizabeth Kleinveld, the Partner Success Manager at Startupbootcamp’s currently running FinTech & CyberSecurity program in Amsterdam moderates the discussion - with guest speakers: Victor Gamra, Founder and CEO at FortifyData, Martin De Vries, Innovation Officer within Information Security Department at Rabobank and Tal Tahar, Senior CyberSecurity consultant at Comsec.

Empowering Innovators #3

Innovation and Unilever: Anshul Asawa & Patrick de Zeeuw on Empowering Innovators // In the third episode of ‘Empowering Innovators’, Patrick de Zeeuw speaks with Anshul Asawa, the Global Head of Sales and Transformation at Unilever Home Care. Drawing from his experiences in the recent years, Anshul reflects on the current state of the CPG industry. A-ccelerator B.V.